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How to become a licensed bail agent (Limited Surety Agent) in Florida...

There are five basic steps to becoming a licensed surety agent in Florida; (1) take an approved 120-hour course, (2) take an approved correspondence course, (3) submit an application for temporary agent license and undergo a background check, (4) complete a one-year internship under a licensed bail agent and, (5) pass a final exam given by the state Department of Financial Services.

Before you begin the process to become a licensed bail agent, you must first determine if you are qualified. To review the Qualifications and Licensing information for this license, call the Florida Department of Financial Services at 850/413-3137 ext. 1101.

                                              Application Qualifications:

Once you have determined that you meet the qualifications for licensure, then you must take the following steps for licensure:

Step 1. Successfully complete a state-approved 120-hour basic certification course.

Step 2. Successfully complete the state-approved correspondence course for bail bond agents. Cost: $300.00. Call the University of Florida at 352/392-1711 or 800/327-4218 and ask for information on INS 3 - Bail & Bail Bond Insurance in Florida

 All applicants who want to become bail bondsmen must be licensed by the Department of Insurance in their state (Department of Insurance)


Schools in Florida 

* The FSAA offers a bail bond certification course every 3-4 months in Tampa or Orlando  COST: $600.00  For information: Call  (850) 261-3764

* Ace Bonding Company offers a bail bond certification course every 3-4 months in Miami COST: $550  For information: Call  (305) 381-7014


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